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Retinal detachment

Retinal detachment is a serious problem!

Consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible!

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    Why should urgent action be taken in the event of retinal detachment?

    If we have a retinal detachment, which generally begins in the periphery of the retina, and we take a long time to intervene, it will continue to progress until it reaches the macula, which is the noble area of the retina.

    For this reason, the sooner we act on retinal detachment, the sooner we avoid damage to the macula and the better the patient’s visual results will be.

    At Clínica Ocular Dr. Tirado, when we diagnose a retinal detachment, we implement a rapid action protocol to be able to perform the intervention in the same week, taking advantage of the fact that we have an operating room scheduled weekly for retinal problems and another one for emergency surgery on Fridays.

    What is Retinal Detachment Surgery like?

    Retinal detachment surgery is known as vitrectomy. This is a surgical technique by which we access the posterior cavity of the eye.

    In the following video Dr. José Manuel Galván explains exactly what retinal detachment surgery consists of.

    What do our patients think?

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    Dr. Antonio Tirado informs you about the post-operative period and its importance.

    "When faced with a vitreous detachment with flashing lights, it is necessary to go to the ophthalmologist for a correct evaluation of the fundus."

    Dr Antonio Tirado
    Dr. Tirado
    Medical Director and Chief Surgeon

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    Consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible!

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