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Dear Dr Tirado,
I am writing to thank you wholeheartedly for the amazing transformation in my vision that you have given me. I am utterly amazed by the difference in my eyesight after my laser surgery last week. 
For the past 20 years I have needed glasses for driving and over the last 5 years my eye sight has deteriorated to the point that I could no longer read subtitles on the tv or even recognise my own son at nursery from a distance when I would go to collect him unless I was wearing my glasses. My mother had previously had laser eye surgery with you and she couldn’t speak highly enough of your clinic and the team and her new eyes! So I booked an appointment to see if I was a good candidate for laser surgery. The tests were so thorough and comprehensive and when I was told I was a good candidate I felt very confident to proceed. I was amazed when I was told I could have the surgery in just 2 weeks time. Of course I was a little nervous, but I trusted in your team and 2 weeks later the day of surgery arrived. Everything was so utterly professional and on time and the actual surgery was painless and over so quickly. After about 1 1/2 -2 hours recovery when you came to see me and gave me the traditional eye test, I was stunned that I could read the small letters that previously that morning had been nothing but a blur to me. I expected the recovery to take several days, but I could actually see as if I had my glasses on that very afternoon. 
It is now just 5 days since the laser surgery and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I can now see things better than before when wearing my glasses. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, the operation is genuinely life changing and I can now experience this beautiful world in a way that I couldn’t before. 
Kind Regards,
Katie V

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