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Laser Surgery Results

What results can I expect after my operation?


In case of myopia, the patient will have very good distance vision, which was previously lacking. He is able to see the outline of things, drive without glasses or contact lenses, and even distinguish something as simple as a familiar face at a good distance. You will be able to see sharper and clearer (before everything was blurry).

Those who suffer from farsightedness will no longer see things out of focus and blurred. But, above all, you will be able to rest your eyesight, since a farsighted person tends to strain his or her vision, which causes headaches and other discomforts. You will now be able to see well, both near and far, very comfortably and consistently. You will free yourself from the need to wear your annoying and often heavy glasses and you will also eliminate headaches and eye fatigue.

The patient with astigmatism has a tendency to perceive images in a distorted or deformed way, he/she sees things more elongated. This disappears when the visual defect is operated on and corrected.

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