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Ocular pathologies

Presbyopia or eyestrain

What is presbyopia or eyestrain?


It is the lack of accommodation of the crystalline lens that causes the loss of near vision. This phenomenon usually occurs after the age of 40 as it is a normal aging process. It is a consequence of the logical muscular deterioration caused by age. The eye has a muscle, called the ciliary muscle, which accommodates the crystalline lens (the ocular “lens”) so that near images can be seen clearly. The ciliary muscle, like the rest of the body’s muscles, loses elasticity with the passage of time, and therefore, the ability to focus the lens and see up close.


Refractive surgery employs three different techniques for the treatment of presbyopia:



The excimer laser corrects the entire refractive problem of the dominant eye and leaves the non-dominant eye slightly undercorrected, and therefore myopic and focused for near. Before applying this procedure, an adaptation test is performed.



By using corneal asphericity modification techniques, it is possible to increase the ocular depth of focus and thus allow the eye to focus both near and far. Other techniques are based on creating a bifocal or multifocal cornea. Accommodations are currently available for up to +1.50 diopters.


State-of-the-art multifocal and trifocal lenses:

These lenses act by dividing the incident light into several foci: far, intermediate and near, these foci simultaneously reach the retina and upon reaching the brain, the brain selects the appropriate image at each moment. A neuroadaptation process is necessary, which is completed in a few days. They allow the patient, in addition to removing the previous refractive defect, to see at far, intermediate (computer) and near (reading) distances without the need to wear glasses.

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